What's the fastest way to become a millionaire?

The easiest way to become a millionaire is to take advantage of capitalization and start saving money as soon as possible. The sooner you save, the more interest you'll accrue. And you'll earn more money with the interest you earn. You should aim to earn at least 15% of your income.

I remember that when I started my career with A, G. Edwards & Sons in 2002, I attended a training class of about 55 people. After completing the training a year later, our class was reduced by less than half. My fifth anniversary? There were only five of us left.

In 1945, Percy Spencer experimented with a new vacuum tube while researching for Raytheon Corporation. He made popcorn and melted a chocolate bar, and saw the great potential of this process, which eventually culminated in the arrival of the microwave. If you have an emergency and don't have liquid money saved in a savings account like Capital One 360, you're likely to go into debt (bad idea) or borrow from family members (very bad idea). The fastest and most correct way to become a millionaire is to invest consistently over a long period of time.

It's not shocking or flashy, but it works. Don't be distracted by market swings, trending stocks, or get-rich-quick plans.

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